Zoom Teeth Whitening: An Excellent Remedy For Discolored Teeth

Zoom Teeth Whitening: An Excellent Remedy For Discolored Teeth

Apr 01, 2021

Are you affected by discoloration of your teeth because of poor dental hygiene, overindulgence in staining foods and beverages, smoking, or some medicines you had earlier? The discoloration of your teeth makes you self-conscious and adversely impacts your confidence. You may consider over-the-counter teeth whitening remedies appropriate for mild discoloration. However, if you want reliable results visible instantly, you must believe in-office teeth whitening treatments from the top dentist near me.

Tooth discoloration affects many people leaving them searching for remedies to improve the appearance of their teeth and smile. However, most choose to select over-the-counter remedies because of their negligible costs and the convenience of using the products from home whenever they feel like it. People fail to realize they invest in products that don’t deliver results, especially against intrinsic stains challenging to remove. People with intrinsic stains on their teeth will benefit if they decide to visit the dentist in Jamaica Plain, providing zoom teeth whitening near me. Zoom teeth whitening is undoubtedly more expensive than over-the-counter varieties but is an excellent method of whitening teeth under supervision from a qualified dental professional.

How Do You Begin the Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure?

When you visit the best dentist in Boston to consult whether zoom-in-office teeth whitening is appropriate for you, the dentist comprehensively examines your teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy. The dentist also discusses your oral hygiene and lifestyle habits to determine whether you will benefit from the whitening procedure. The consultation helps you and your dentist determine the whitening product or method best suited for you.

If you plan other dental procedures like veneers or cosmetic bonding, the dentist may suggest you undergo whitening before the other treatments. Having the whitening treatment earlier helps to get a better match with the restorations and your natural teeth. During the consultation procedure, the dentist also examines existing restorations in your mouth, such as veneers crowns, because they don’t respond to traditional whitening ingredients.

How Much Time Does the Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure Require?

The entire zoom teeth whitening procedure requires below 60 minutes, but you are recommended routine teeth cleaning before the Zoom teeth whitening session. The dentist starts the process by covering your lips and gums but leaving your teeth exposed. The Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied to your teeth by the dentist or hygienist to work together with the Zoom chairside lamp. The chairside lamp helps the whitening ingredients to penetrate the teeth’ enamel to break stains and discoloration. The elements remain on your teeth for about 15 minutes after the light is activated.

Three sessions of 15 minutes each is what you receive during the whitening procedure for a combined treatment time of 45 minutes. Immediately following the treatment, you receive an application of sensitivity-reducing fluoride toothpaste to reduce any zoom teeth whitening pain you may experience.

Maintaining The Results of Zoom Teeth Whitening

The dentist Roslindale provides a zoom home use touchup Kit, including customized whitening trays. You must follow the dentist’s instructions on how or when you must use the touchup Kit.

You are advised to avoid or limit some foods and beverages to prevent staining of your teeth from maintaining the whitening results longer. The foods and drinks you must alter or avoid include tea, coffee, cola, red wine, et cetera. Tobacco products continue to stain your teeth even after teeth whitening treatments. Therefore your dentist suggests you quit smoking or using tobacco in any form.

Any teeth whitening treatment is not a permanent remedy. You must maintain appropriate dental hygiene and visit your dentist or hygienist frequently for cleanings and exams. However, suppose you want excellent results from teeth whitening treatments. In that case, you must avoid over-the-counter products in favor of zoom-in-office teeth whitening treatments that give you instant results in approximately an hour.

What Is the Cost of Zoom Teeth Whitening?

The cost of zoom teeth whitening is $ 500, which you may think is exorbitant, especially if you are accustomed to low-cost, over-the-counter products. However, when you consider you also receive supplemental take-home trays customized to maximize results, you will realize the higher price is worth paying because it leaves you with teeth you can show off to everyone around you without hesitation. Therefore we recommend you consider your options carefully before deciding on the Zoom teeth whitening procedure for yourself.

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