What Are the Various Kinds of Dentures and Their Advantages?

What Are the Various Kinds of Dentures and Their Advantages?

Mar 01, 2022

Missing teeth cause significant problems making it challenging for you to eat foods and perform other activities you have become accustomed to. You may search for a long-lasting solution that helps replace your missing teeth. Making inquiries with friends and family members, you receive information of various solutions you can consider for the replacements. Which tooth substitute option best suits your needs?

You can consider having dental implants or bridges currently promoted as the best solutions for replacing missing teeth. However, both solutions require considerable investments, and the procedures for having them are pretty intensive besides being expensive. What are your options if you cannot have implants or bridges? There is no need for you to remain concerned about leading life without teeth. The time-tested dentures are still around and help you replace the missing teeth in your mouth with incredibly comfortable and natural-looking restorations.

What Kind of Dentures Can You Have?

The type of dentures you can consider depends entirely on your situation. There are two types of oral prosthetic appliances complete and partial. Complete dentures help restore your smile and the ability you lost with the natural teeth, and partial dentures are no option when you still have some natural teeth remaining.

Depending on your situation, let us define the diverse types of dentures you can assume.

Complete Traditional Dentures

If you prefer complete conventional dentures, the dentist in Jamaica Plain extracts any remaining teeth from your mouth. Your recovery from the extraction requires several months, during which your jaw changes shape. You can have your new dental prosthesis in a couple of months after several try-ins. The Jamaica Plain dentist recommends relining your dentures after your recovery requiring about six months to ensure they fit as desired and are comfortable.

The primary benefit of complete traditional dentures is the timing of their placement after healing ensuring they won’t require many adjustments later.

Complete Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are generally prepared in advance and positioned in your mouth the day your remaining teeth are extracted. Unfortunately, immediate dentures need more adjustments than their traditional counterparts to accommodate shape changes in your jawbone during the healing.

Immediate dentures ensure you don’t have to display a toothless grin because they are placed immediately after extracting your remaining teeth. Unfortunately, they are best for temporary use and require replacements with a traditional complete denture in about six months.

Partial Dentures

If you want a removable alternative to fixed dental bridges, partial dentures are an excellent choice. Your partials are delivered with replacement teeth attached to a metal framework connecting to your adjacent teeth.

Partial dentures also benefit you because they prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting out of their place to create a bad bite resulting in crooked teeth and crowding.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are secured by several implants, unlike traditional dentures placed on your gums. You can have partial or complete implant-supported dentures. Stability and comfort are delivered by implant-supported dentures similar to your natural teeth. The implants mimic the function of your natural tooth roots, helping preserve your jawbone and enhancing your oral health. Implant-supported dentures offer unrivaled comfort and appear incredibly realistic. They allow you to speak clearly and enjoy the foods you love without restrictions. Most importantly, if maintained appropriately, implant-supported dentures last for a lifetime.

If you cannot afford dental implants or bridges because you do not have healthy teeth besides the missing teeth, you can consider dentures near you as an excellent solution for your missing teeth. Do not consider dentures outdated dental prostheses because everyone else recommends implants or bridges. Despite many advances in dentistry, dentures continue to retain their popularity, becoming a straightforward option for many people to replace teeth with an affordable solution returning all the abilities they lost with their natural teeth.

Instead of brooding about the missing teeth in your mouth, consider a visit to dentures in Jamaica Plain, where you can learn more about different denture solutions. The dentist Roslindale will work with you to determine the optimal solution to restore your healthy and confident smile besides chewing and eating to help you begin life anew with realistic-looking dentures.

If replacing your missing teeth is high on your mind, a visit to Pondside Dental Associates is a requirement you cannot ignore for an affordable solution like dentures that satisfy the bare necessities of life.

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