Smile Perfected™ - Jamaica Plain, MA

Smile Perfected™ - Jamaica Plain, MA

Many people today are searching for a way to get a whiter smile quickly. There are literally hundreds of different products and options that claim to be able to deliver a whiter smile, but are they really effective? Read on.

Many of these over-the-counter products leave people unsatisfied or with serious sensitivity that can be permanent or semi-permanent. If you really want a whiter smile without the risk of sensitivity, you want Smile Perfected™. Smile Perfected™ is a professional whitening treatment available in-office from Pondside Dental Associates in Jamaica Plain, MA today. Smile Perfected™ successfully delivers whiter teeth in just 20 minutes with significantly fewer patients complaining of tooth sensitivity, even after multiple whitening sessions!

Smile Perfected™ When Compared To Over-The-Counter Whitening Methods

You are most likely very familiar with other whitening products such as drug store whitening strips or whitening toothpastes. So, how does Smile Perfected™ stack up to those other products? Let Pondside Dental Associates explain.

Let’s first take a look at whitening toothpaste. Almost all toothpastes on the market today at least imply that they can give you whiter teeth, but how effective are they? You need to understand that even with the right ingredients, the application method is everything when it comes to successful teeth whitening. When brushing your teeth with toothpaste, often times, the paste simply foams into a bubbly mess, not staying in contact with your teeth for more than just a few seconds. Usually, this is hardly an effective whitening method, and most patients see little results with whitening toothpaste.

When it comes to drug store whitening strips, you run into a different issue completely. Many times, the strips do an alright job sticking to the teeth all around, but the issue is that in order to whiten your teeth, they need to be applied for up to an hour every day for two weeks! This can cause serious sensitivity with a combined application time of 14 hours. An overwhelming number of patients report sensitivity of their teeth at least temporarily.

So, what about Smile Perfected™? With an application method that fully surrounds teeth and an application time of just 20 minutes, Smile Perfected™ dramatically whitens your teeth in just one to two visits, with a combined application time at a maximum of 40 minutes! That means whiter teeth with less sensitivity!

If you want more information, call Pondside Dental Associates in Jamaica Plain, MA today!

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