Partials and Full Dentures in Jamaica Plain, MA

Partials and Full Dentures in Jamaica Plain, MA

After losing several teeth to decay or due to trauma, you should replace them as soon as you can. If they are not replaced, the healthy teeth can drift toward the open space and eventually become loose.

If several teeth are missing, then the jawbone can start to shrink, and the cheeks can cavin, making you appear older. Good options for replacing several teeth are partials and full dentures in Jamaica Plain, MA.

Choosing Between Partials or Full Dentures

When several teeth sustain damage and are not salvageable, our dentists near you at Pondside Dental Associates will examine your teeth and mouth before removing any of the teeth. It’s important to have a plan in place before beginning a procedure so that they know how to proceed, and you know what they will be doing.

Our dentists in Jamaica Plain, MA, will take x-rays if the teeth are coming out due to trauma to look for any fractures of other teeth or the jaw. If the teeth need removing due to decay, they can see other damaged areas on the x-rays. Then, they can decide if a partial or full set of dentures is best for you.

Recommending a Partial

Suppose our Jamaica Plain dentists decide that a partial is the best prosthetic to replace your teeth. In that case, they can determine whether a traditional, removable partial is best or one that is implant-supported. An implant-supported partial gives more support to it and allows it to function like natural teeth. It is easier to eat with it because you can bite into and tear off food with the supported teeth. However, removable partials are easier to clean. You can take them out and soak them overnight or brush them if there are food particles between the pontics or under the artificial gum.

Although you won’t need to worry about your partial accidentally slipping or falling out when it’s implant-supported, it may take longer to get your partial if our dentists at Pondside Dental Associates are embedding implants too.

If you have teeth with damage from an accident or decay, consult with our dentists near you in Jamaica Plain, MA, about the types of available partials and which they recommend for you.

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