Dental Fillings in Jamaica Plain, MA

Dental Fillings in Jamaica Plain, MA

If your tooth stings or feels uncomfortable when eating hot or cold food or when biting down on it, you may have a cavity. Getting treatment right away is critical to keep the decay from spreading, so you should make an appointment with one of our dentists at Pondside Dental Associates right away.

After getting rid of the decay, you will have a choice of these dental fillings.

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam is a combination of metals that our dentists mix as you ‘re waiting for them to fill your tooth. When it’s in the tooth and is dry, it looks silver. The metals in it include tin, copper, silver, and elemental mercury.

Metal Fillings

If our dentist in Jamaica Plain, MA is filling a tooth in the back of your mouth, then you may want to choose gold or silver fillings. They are durable and can hold up under the pressure of biting and chewing food.

Composite Fillings

For people who want a filling that matches the shade of their teeth, composite fillings are the answer. The composite material contains resin and plastic material that is best for the teeth on the sides of the mouth. The filling material is soft when it goes into the cavity. Our dentists at Pondside Dental Associates will harden it with a curing light.

Ceramic Fillings

Like the composite fillings, our dentists near you in Jamaica Plain, MA can match the shade of your teeth with ceramic fillings. These fillings blend in well with your teeth so that they are not as obvious as metal or amalgam fillings. Plus, they don’t stain or scratch as easily as composite fillings.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass ionomer is a mixture of glass and acrylic that forms a material for fillings, which are great for kids’ teeth. They contain fluoride that protects their teeth from further decay. The material can match the shade of their teeth so that it isn’t obvious that your children have fillings.

If you have tooth decay and need cavities filled, our dentists at Pondside Dental Associates in Jamaica Plain, MA can choose from these fillings.

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