Digital X-Rays in Jamaica Plain, MA

Digital X-Rays in Jamaica Plain, MA

Digital x-rays are an essential component of modern dentistry. This procedure uses an electric sensor instead of traditional radiography to take pictures of the interior of your mouth. At Pondside Dental Associates, we use digital x-rays at our office in Jamaica Plain, MA, to improve our patients’ preventive care. These x-rays make it easier to identify underlying problems, safeguard against future health hazards, and keep your smile safe.

Are Digital Dental X-Rays Safe?

Contemporary digital x-rays use a fraction of the radiation present in traditional methods – over 90 percent less. The radiation used during the procedure is 1/100 of the amount a person is subjected to daily in the United States. Plus, you spend less time in front of radiation – the entire procedure can be completed in less than a minute.

Such minute amounts of radiation have no ill effects on your health and can be beneficial since the images created during the procedure help our staff diagnose underlying dental health problems.

Can Everyone Get X-Rays?

Digital x-rays can be taken on children as well as adults. However, we prefer only to take them when necessary to avoid exposing our patients to unnecessary radiation. If you have had recent x-rays taken, speak to our staff. We might be able to request copies from your former dental provider.

The Benefits

We have already discussed one of the initial benefits of digital x-rays – the reduced exposure to radiation. While the amount used by traditional x-rays isn’t dangerous, it can still add up over time and make patients uncomfortable.

The other main benefit of the digital x-rays we use in Jamaica Plain, MA, is the improved view of your mouth. Our dentist in Jamaica Plain, MA, can see in your teeth and underneath your gum. We can then provide more accurate diagnoses of abscesses, infections, bone loss, and the growth of cancerous and benign tumors.

If you are interested in digital x-rays in Jamaica Plain, contact us at Pondside Dental Associates. We can set up an appointment based on your schedule with our flexible business hours.

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