Dental Crowns in Jamaica Plain, MA

Dental Crowns in Jamaica Plain, MA

Cosmetic dentistry options serve many functions; not all are aesthetic purposes. Yes, you will improve the appearance of your smile, but you can also repair defects. Do you avoid smiling or showing your teeth? Are any of your teeth broken, chipped, or weakened by an old filling? A visit with our Jamaica Plain, MA dentist near you, will help you determine if a crown is the best restoration for you. Get in touch with the friendly staff at Pondside Dental Associates today to book your consultation.

What is a Dental Crown?

At Pondside Dental Associates, we use crowns in so many ways. They can be placed to cover existing teeth or attached to implant posts. Crowns add strength, protection, and aesthetic appeal to broken or crooked teeth. Dental crowns are also placed for structural support. Even if you have a severely damaged tooth, there is often a way to save it. Placing attractive porcelain or ceramic crown sure beats tooth extraction, if possible.

The high-quality materials and custom-fit of crown restorations guard against nerve damage. Besides, our dentist in Jamaica Plain, MA, is selective about the crown materials used at Pondside Dental Associates and labs that create them. The goal is to provide the most reliable and longest-lasting dental work possible to our patients.

Dental Crowns in Jamaica Plain, MA

Whether by severe decay, disease, or trauma, there are countless ways that a tooth can get injured. Fortunately, dental crowns in Jamaica Plain provide a dependable, long-term solution that extends the life of a weakened tooth. They are also placed on teeth worn down by excessive overnight clenching and grinding. After root canal therapy, a crown will help prevent breakage.

Furthermore, a hairline fracture or crack can form in a tooth with a large filling. While there may be no noticeable damage, you may feel pain when chewing. The crack will likely expand deep inside the tooth if the slight opening reaches the nerve. Root canal therapy may be needed. In this case, a crown will end the pain and prevent the crack from spreading.

If you live in dentist Roslindale, Brookline, Newton, West Roxbury, Dorchester, Somerville, Newton South, Cambridge, or the surrounding areas and need a Jamaica Plain dentist near you, visit our top dentist near me in Boston. We offer dental crowns near you at affordable prices.

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