How to Choose the Perfect Shaped Veneers for Your Face

How to Choose the Perfect Shaped Veneers for Your Face

May 01, 2022

Porcelain veneers have become incredibly popular for their ability to correct structural and cosmetic dental problems. Your dentist completes the dental veneer procedure using a short amount of time to give you the most sought-after dental procedure to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile.

When choosing the perfect shaped veneers for your face, you must rely on the dentist near me providing veneers instead of trying to pick yourself for fears of committing mistakes. Dentists consider many variables and discuss them with you when selecting suitable surfaces for your mouth. The variables dentists consider include:

Tooth Color

Dentists use a standardized dental color chart when choosing the appropriate color for your veneers. The chart has four categories and 11 subcategories for an extensive range of tones. You must select a shade for your surfaces two shades lighter than your natural teeth.

Tooth Shape

Choosing the most appropriate shape for the veneers near you is also essential to give you an appealing and attractive smile. You must understand every tooth is different, and multiple combinations are available for you to choose from. Dentists have smile libraries for you to make choosing veneers easy. The smile library has 12 different types of smiles and is easy to work with.

Face Shape

Do not forget to consider the shape of your face when selecting veneers. You wouldn’t want to choose an inappropriate shape for the veneer that doesn’t compliment your face, would you? You must realize face shapes are categorized into four categories. They are heart, round, oval, and square. Each face type has optimal tooth size and shape to balance the features and make you appear your best.

If you have a heart-shaped face, you find rounded and shorter veneers better suited for your features. On the other hand, if your face is oval-shaped, you might discover square facades with added fullness that help to widen your face a better option.

Round-shaped faces appear better with veneers that are more pronounced and longer, and square-shaped faces appear better with rounded teeth because it softens the jawline and other features of the face.

Get Veneers from an Experienced Dentist

Almost every cosmetic dentist currently offers dental veneers as part of their practice. Unfortunately, it includes freshly graduated dentists without sufficient experience providing a delicate and irreversible dental procedure with dental veneers. Therefore if you intend to have porcelain veneers on your teeth must select an experienced dental professional who has experience in all aspects of dentistry, including cosmetic procedures.

Veneers in Jamaica Plain are provided by experienced professionals with thorough knowledge of cosmetic dentistry and your facial appearance. The task of finding a skilled professional may seem challenging but is essential and an important step when choosing the best veneers for your face.

Experienced cosmetic dentists can help you choose the best veneer color and shape after evaluating your face and the color of your remaining teeth. Experience is also essential when it comes to bonding the veneers onto the front surfaces of your teeth. The cosmetic dentists in Jamaica Plain have the training and expertise needed to pick the most suitable veneers for your teeth after considering the shape of your face to help you decide when getting veneers to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile.

When choosing dental veneers, do not consider them as just superficial improvements to your teeth. You are making a significant investment in your smile, costing upwards of $ 2000 per tooth. You wouldn’t want to have dental veneers that don’t compliment the shape of your face when helping you to improve your smile, would you? If so, consider talking to an experienced cosmetic dentist with thorough knowledge about facial shapes and the veneer types suitable for them.

Instead of making a predetermined choice of the type of veneers, you find it better to accept the advice of the dentist treating you because they are better qualified and informed to provide the most suitable veneers for your face. Furthermore, the dental veneer process requires multiple appointments with the dentist before you can have the customized surfaces bonded to your teeth. Therefore exercising caution before choosing veneers in consultation with a dentist is an acceptable solution better suited for your face than making an ill-informed decision.

If you are considering dental veneers for your teeth, Pondside Dental Associates helps you choose the appropriate type of veneers for your face. Kindly contact them to have these surfaces on your teeth to improve their appearance and your smile.

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