Guide On Choosing A Dental Filling For Front Teeth

Guide On Choosing A Dental Filling For Front Teeth

Jan 01, 2023

One of the most remarkable features of teeth is that they can last an entire lifetime. They are sturdy and, at times, even feel indestructible. However, let not their sturdiness fool you. Teeth aren’t invincible, even though they can handle almost anything you throw at them. If you don’t show them love each day, you will be dealing with tooth decay and gum disease.

Thankfully, tooth cavities will not have the last laugh. We have dental fillings in Jamaica Plain that can help prevent further decay of the tooth. Tooth decay, especially on your front teeth, can mar your smile and make it difficult for you to enjoy your favorite meals.

So, you will have various choices if you have tooth decay on your front teeth and dental fillings. Choosing the right option for your front teeth can be confusing. This guide will give you insight into how to choose the correct dental filling for your front teeth.

Type of Fillings

Dental technology has been exponentially evolving with each passing day. It is not what it used to be decades ago. That’s why there is a variety of materials that are used to create dental fillings. The materials used will help determine which fillings you can use.

Consider the following when choosing dental fillings near you are:

  • Cost
  • Location of the cavity
  • History of allergic reactions to specific materials
  • The extent of the damage
  • Your preferences

So, these are your options:

  • Porcelain Fillings
Porcelain has an uncanny resemblance to your teeth. It is tooth-colored and has a nice sheen that matches natural teeth. So, porcelain is the most life-like of the other options. Plus, porcelain is a stain-resistant material, so you don’t need to worry about surface or extrinsic stains.

  • Composite Resin Fillings

Composite resin is tooth-colored plastic. They are also life-like, like porcelain. However, they might lack the sheen that porcelain possesses. However, it will be kind to your pocket since these fillings are made from plastic. It is the least expensive option as compared to the other tooth fillings.

On the flip side, composite resin fillings are less sturdy or stain-resistant than the rest. So, you can expect to visit our dentist near you from time to time for repairs. Also, these fillings must be replaced as often as every two years. But if you care for them well, they might serve you for about five to seven years.

  • Gold Fillings

If you are going for sturdiness, gold fillings are the best option. They are strong and can withstand the chewing force without chipping or cracking. The gums tolerate them well. However, they need to be improved when it comes to aesthetics.

It might look a bit off, especially on your front teeth. However, this comes down to personal preference. Some people don’t mind having gold-coated teeth! But we recommend that this option is best suited for back teeth.

But one thing you will come to appreciate about gold fillings is that they can last for a long time. They can serve you for up to 50 years!

Another thing worth mentioning is that gold fillings are the most expensive type of filling compared to other tooth fillings.

  • Amalgam Fillings

These fillings are in the same cluster as gold fillings regarding sturdiness. They are made from various metals, such as tin and copper. But when it comes to aesthetics, amalgam fillings are also down the list.

Our recommendation would be to use this option for your back teeth. However, if you don’t mind the color gracing your smile, you can go for it!

Another common issue for most people is the presence of mercury in these fillings. There has been a debate, but no study shows that the mercury levels in these fillings have caused health issues. But it is best to discuss such issues with our dentist 02130.

  • Glass-Ionomer Fillings

These are fashioned from acrylic and powdered glass and can bond with the teeth. They are tooth-colored and contain fluoride, which will help prevent further decay. However, they are not as strong as the other tooth fillings, so you can expect to replace them after five years or less.

We Are Here for You

These choices can be confusing, especially when two materials almost have the same traits. We encourage our patients to contact us at Pondside Dental Associates if they need clarification.

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