Fluoride Treatment For Adults: Pondside Dental

Fluoride Treatment For Adults: Pondside Dental

Mar 01, 2023

A naturally occurring mineral fluoride is beneficial because it helps build strong teeth to prevent cavities. Tap water in America has contained trace amounts of fluoride over seven decades as a preventive measure to reduce tooth decay. The CDC confirms that fluoridated water has helped reduce tooth decay by 25 percent.

Fluoride treatment near you will offer more significant benefits to protect your teeth. In addition, these therapies are beneficial if you are at high risk of dental caries. This article looks at the benefits of fluoride and fluoride therapy and treatment recommendations.

What Precisely Is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatments are generally professional therapies offered by the dentist near me using a higher concentration of fluoride on your teeth. The treatment involves a dentist or hygienist applying fluoride to your teeth to improve dental health and inhibit the risk of cavities. In-office fluoride treatments dentists offer to include solutions, gels, varnish, or foam.

You can also find some high-concentration fluoride treatments for home use, but you must only use them if your dentist suggests doing so.

The fluoride used by dentists in-office treatments is similar to fluoride in toothpaste. However, in-office treatments contain higher doses to offer instant benefits.

Fluoride and Fluoride Treatments Benefits

Fluoride has several benefits for your teeth. It primarily helps your body use better minerals like calcium and phosphate to repair weak tooth enamel because your teeth absorb these minerals. In addition, fluoride joins into the tooth structure in developing teeth to strengthen their enamel, making them less vulnerable to bacteria and cavities besides slowing or reversing the onset of cavities by harming mouth bacteria that cause them.

When combined, the benefits help inhibit and slow cavity risks, delay the need for expensive dental work, extend the life of baby teeth, and reduce the time and money you spend at the dentist jamaica plain.

As an adult, when you prevent cavities and slow the growth of bacteria by receiving fluoride treatment in Jamaica Plain, MA, you prevent gum disease, reduce tooth pain, and premature loss of teeth.

The WHO states that fluoride treatments help improve oral health, which claims it is a significant predictor of overall health. Poor dental hygiene can result in many health conditions that require treatment from different medical professionals instead of your dentist providing affordable and comfortable fluoride treatments to protect your teeth by strengthening them. If you neglect proper oral hygiene, you can become vulnerable to conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, and cancer which you might want to avoid at all costs.

Fluoride Treatment Recommendations

The American Dental Association and the CDC suggest that frequent exposure to trace amounts of provide daily is optimal to reduce the risk of dental cavities for all ages. Most people can achieve this goal by drinking tap water and brushing their teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. In addition, children and adults at high risk of cavities find they receive extra benefits from in-office fluoride treatments.

Fluoride treatment recommendations for adults vary according to the concentration, doses, and frequency of treatment. If you are vulnerable to developing tooth decay, you receive help from professional fluoride treatments from the dentist by requesting it twice yearly to reduce your risks. However, you must also discuss the risks and benefits of fluoride therapy from dentists and consider all sources of fluoride you receive, including fluoridated toothpaste, mouthwash, and water.

If you live in a community without access to fluoridated water, you may derive significant benefits from regular fluoride treatments.

Effectiveness of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments are effective and have a considerable effect in preventing cavities on primary and permanent teeth. In addition, gold-standard randomized controlled trials have established the benefits of topical fluoride treatments for preventing tooth decay.

Fluoride treatments are safe for most people. However, some may experience minor side effects that are usually considered minimal than the benefits. The side effects of fluoride generally make themselves visible as aesthetic defects by forming sports on the teeth without harming them. In addition, adverse effects are likely from swallowing high amounts of fluoride and not using fluoride toothpaste, drinking fluoridated water, or receiving in-office fluoride treatments from dentists to strengthen tooth enamel.

If you, as an adult, are at high risk of tooth decay, consulting Pondside Dental Associates helps you receive in-office fluoride treatments to prevent cavities on your teeth. Please arrange an appointment with them today to receive fluoride therapy from the dentist in a few minutes to benefit from the treatment.

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