A Complete Guide To Dental Veneers

A Complete Guide To Dental Veneers

May 01, 2021

A bright smile is one of the first noticeable features. A bright smile helps to carter confidence and can be helpful in your personal or professional life. Apart from the aesthetic value, teeth are equally essential to bite and chew food and speak distinctly.

What is Dental Veneer?

With regular use, the teeth tend to lose their natural shine and color. With few minor treatments, the teeth can retain or regain their original grandeur. Dental veneers are an excellent option to address the physical and aesthetic problems of your teeth. 

Dental veneers are wafer-thin coating or protective coverings that are custom-made and made from tooth-colored materials. They are designed to cover the front visible part of your teeth and are an excellent means to improve your appearance. The dental veneers fuse to the teeth and can conceal minor dental imperfections as discolored tooth or cavities.

Often made from composite resin or porcelain, dental veneers treat the oral cavity’s various cosmetic issues, including concealing chipped teeth. Even affordable dental veneers can hide smaller-than-average teeth. Dentists in Jamaica Plain might apply only a single veneer, but you might need six to eight layers of veneers for an even symmetrical smile. The front eight teeth on either of the jaws are the ones on which dentists most commonly apply veneers.

The Different Types of Veneers

Based on the material of make, veneers are of two types.

1: Porcelain Veneer

Dental caps or veneers made from porcelain are strong and can be placed on your teeth’s top and sides. For administering veneers, the dentist Roslindale needs to scrap some enamel from your teeth before placing them. Porcelain veneers are most widely used due to their resemblance to natural teeth color. You can also get teeth whitening treatment done with dental veneers. 

2: Composite-resin Veneer

Resin-based veneers are made from composite materials similar to that of a porcelain veneer but are less expensive. Composite veneers require lesser removal of enamel. Same-day treatment can also save your time.

Benefits of Veneers

Veneers find application in concealing discolored teeth due to root canal treatment, stains from caffeinated food or drinks, excessive fluoride treatment, or large resin dental fillings. Veneers can give a chipped or broken tooth the support. The uneven or misaligned teeth can be made to look even with veneers. Dental gaps can be effectively concealed with veneers.

The obvious question that might cross your mind that “how long do veneers last?”. Dental veneers last for more extended periods than another dental prosthesis. Ten years is the minimum period that you can be assured of not changing the veneers. Apart from the longevity, the other advantages of veneers are:

  • Although a prosthesis resembles natural teeth.
  • Unlike dental crowns, veneers do not need to be shaped. 
  • Veneers prevent discoloration of teeth.
  • Low maintenance cost, as regular brushing is enough to keep veneers clean.
  • Veneers avoid tooth decay. 
  • Unlike crowns, veneers require minimal removal of enamel. 

The Procedure

Administration of veneers involves scrapping a later of enamel to reshape the tooth surface to accommodate the veneer. The veneer custom-made in the laboratory and placed on the reshaped dental surface.

Once the veneer color, shape, and fit are finalized, the dentist cements the veneer on the teeth’s outer surface. The process is completed by applying a special light to fix the veneer on the teeth firmly.

The Expenditure

Most dental veneers are not covered by insurance and are cosmetic dentistry. The average cost of dental veneers varies from $925 to $2500 per tooth and can last a minimum of ten years. The no-prep veneers last for shorter periods and cost about $800 to $2000 per tooth.

Looking to Get Veneers?

A top dentist near me can get you dental veneers. If you look for dental veneers near you in Jamaica Plain, Pondside Dental Associates can be the ideal clinic. We at Pondside Dental Associates welcome all patients with the utmost care, and we have been offering compassionate dental care for more than a century. We provide comprehensive and comfortable dental care by utilizing advanced technology equipment.

Apart from veneers, we also provide dental restoration, cosmetic dentistry, preventive dentistry, and treatment for periodontal diseases. You may book an appointment and experience the difference.

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